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You have questions about your case only Magna can answer.

Magna Legal Services offers a full array of litigation consulting services, including risk assessment and strategic recommendations. We pride ourselves on telling you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Our experienced jury consultants use a multi-phase jury research method to ensure the statistical reliability and robustness of our findings. After conducting the early, exploratory stages of research, Magna consultants will continuously develop, adjust, refine, retest, and confirm the best themes and strategy for the later phases.

Be confident in knowing how a jury is likely to approach your case.

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How has the pandemic mutated juror perspectives?

By conducting a series of nationwide surveys, Magna consultants examined COVID-19’s impact on prospective jurors’ attitudes and beliefs.

Now more than ever, it is important to know how juror perspectives changed in your specific venue for your specific case issues. Luckily, there are some research tools to answer this question and give you the current data you need to adjust your litigation strategy.

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Jury Consulting Services:

JuryConfirm – Online Jury Research

The JuryConfirm online jury research platform allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively test theories, themes and storylines in an abbreviated, yet still fully interactive jury research session.

  • Limitless visual capabilities: Present exhibits, videos & other visual aids
  • Evidence analyzer powered by AI: Automatically takes notes & watches jurors
  • Virtual simulation of court room environment with interactive avatars representing live juror
  • Live attorney presentations & jury deliberations
  • Real-time results: Fully-customized questionnaires & polling, including presentation feedback
  • Detailed reports featuring case evaluation, theme development, and jury profiles
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Traditional InPerson Focus Groups & Mock Trials

Magna’s focus groups and mock trials provide a true test of both cases. They allow us to test specific case issues, such as jurors’ reactions to key evidence, witnesses, arguments, & themes.

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JuryEvaluator (Online Damage Assessment Tool)

What is your case worth? A JuryEvaluator analysis provides you with an evaluation and perceptions of potential damages by surrogate jurors in your venue. The report includes a statistically reliable range, including economic, non-economic, and apportionment of liability.

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Juror Profiling Studies

Using data from our mock trials and focus groups, Magna consultants will analyze demographic and verdict orientations to develop initial juror profiles. For further reliability, Magna will then conduct large-scale juror profiling studies to validate which types of jurors are likely to favor the plaintiff versus the defense in your case. These studies also help us narrow potential voir dire topics and questions to those that are reliable predictors of verdict orientation.

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Community Attitude/Perception Studies

Magna consultants execute large-scale community attitude and perception surveys to determine any pre-existing  knowledge, attitudes, and biases about your case. After community members hear brief summaries of the plaintiff and defense cases, Magna will collect and analyze verdict orientations and thoughts on damages.

Community attitude studies allow us to develop statistically reliable pro-plaintiff versus pro-defense juror profiles, determine the best litigation approach, and form focused juror questionnaires and voir dire topics/ questions.

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Jury Selection/Voir Dire

Magna consultants will recommend voir dire topics and specific questions that will be the most predictive of verdict orientation in your case. Additionally, when permitted by the court, our consultants will develop written questionnaires to be administered to prospective jurors.

A Magna consultant will be present during voir dire to analyze venire members’ verbal and body language responses, as well as recommend the most strategic use of cause and peremptory challenges in order to “de-select” the least favorable jurors.

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JuryScout (Social Media Surveillance)

Do you want to know what your jurors are saying about your case?
JuryScout can access information on jurors during jury selection, trial and post-verdict. JuryScout can monitor their internet activity to ensure that they are following the court’s instructions and gain valuable insight into their thoughts throughout trial and their activities post-verdict.

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In-Court Trial Monitoring & Assistance

Magna consultants work with counsel on trial strategy, opening statements, closing arguments, developing persuasive demonstratives, and witness outlines. They monitor the progress of your trial to ensure that the most effective themes are communicated to the jury at every stage.

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Witness Communication Training

Our consultants help witnesses develop a deeper understanding of the themes, context, juror expectations and purpose of their testimony. They also work to correct witness behaviors that get in the way of jurors’ positive perceptions.

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Change of Venue Studies

Magna’s consultants assess the potential biases against your client of prospective jurors in your venue, and provide a data-based rationale for moving the trial to another venue.

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Shadow Jury Studies

Want to know what your Jury is thinking? A shadow jury provides invaluable day-to-day feedback to the trial team on how the actual jury is likely perceiving the case. Magna consultants empanel a shadow jury comprised of members matched as closely as possible to the actual jurors’ demographics, case-relevant attitudes, opinions, and life experiences.

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Post-Trial Analyses & Interviews

Magna’s post-trial analyses provide detailed insights into how juries are likely to react to similar arguments and graphics in pending cases. Our consultants also conduct post-trial jury interviews which provide valuable insight into which factors influenced the jury’s decision.

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Anthony Cortese - Naples Conference, FL 2012

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Michael Coffey - Naples Conference, FL 2012

Magna’s Jury Confirm is one of the most valuable, innovative, and affordable litigation tools I have encountered.

Christopher Greene - Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Canal Insurance Company

I’ve done my share of mocks and focus groups. What I like about Magna’s process is their ability to convert the juror data into meaningful and effective recommendations. And most importantly, they tell me what I need to hear and that’s not always what I want to hear.

Richard Fabian - General Counsel, Director of Litigation, Executive Vice President, The RiverStone Group

There are jury consultants that do mock trials and then there jury consultants who help make the case… I know when I retain Mark Calzaretta of Magna LS, I’m getting someone who not only immerses himself into the mock trial exercise but takes the time to help the trial team implement the findings into a successful trial strategy.

Robert F. Tyson, Jr - Managing Partner, Tyson & Mendes