Magna Legal Services Provides Interpreters for the UFC Athlete Summit in Las Vegas

Leonardo Duran, General Manager of Language Services

Magna Legal Services, one of the country’s largest jury research, litigation graphics and court reporting companies, recently provided conference interpreters in multiple languages for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Athlete Summit, April 3-5 in Las Vegas, NV. To assist the international athletes with limited English proficiency, Magna was called on to provide interpreters in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

The event – held twice a year at various resort properties in Las Vegas – brought together upand- coming athletes in the fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts and covered a wide range of informational and educational topics, such social media, PR, health and performance, training, etc., in a classroom-style setting.

“Magna Legal Services was honored to be part of this successful event for a second time and help a number of foreign athletes hone the skills they’ll need outside of the ring,” said Leonardo Durán, General Manager of Magna’s Language Services department. “For most of the three-day event, our interpreters worked in fully enclosed soundproof booths, interpreting each presenter’s speech simultaneously while the athletes listened on headphones connected to portable receivers.”

Following the morning presentations on the second day, the athletes took part in one-on-one fitness evaluations and group exercise demonstrations at the nearby UFC Training Center. They also sharpened their PR skills in mock media interviews. In these scenarios, Magna’s interpreters worked alongside the athletes in consecutive mode, interpreting back and forth between the various participants.

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