Guide to International Depositions

from Magna’s Court Reporting Team

International depositions for many lawyers (and paralegals)are not an everyday occurrence, and the issues that may arise can either be logistical and/or procedural in nature.

Everybody loves a good checklist, right? Whether you do or you don’t appreciate the simplicity of a good old list, we at Magna strive to make your life easier. And to that end, Magna has compiled a simple checklist and best practices for scheduling your international depositions.

Procedural Checklist:

Know the rules of your state! Verify your rules of civil procedure when it comes to scheduling a deposition in a foreign country.

Who can take a deposition in the country where the deponent resides? Confirm the local rules of the foreign jurisdiction. (With our extensive international experience Magna can help!

Logistical Checklist:

✓ Travel Requirements?

  • Visa required? If so, what’s the process of obtaining one?
  • Passport valid?
  • Medical Considerations? – Vaccinations?
  • Check travel advisories

✓ Confirm witness is willing and able to testify

✓ Be aware of cultural considerations such as protocol and etiquetie

Plan to stay connected

  • Pack adapters
  • Contact your cell phone provider about plans and coverage (don’t forget about text messaging capabilities)

✓ Book flight, reserve hotel and arrange for a car service

Scheduling Checklist:

✓ Lock in the date and time… allow yourself enough time to get all the necessary procedural aspects completed.

✓ Does my court reporting service cover international depositions? MAGNA DOES!

✓ Notice of Deposition, sent? (Know the rules as to who has to receive the notice – witness, parties…?)

✓ Administration of Oath-parties should come to an agreement beforehand

✓ Do I need a videographer?

✓ Do I need an Interpreter?

✓Document Translation?

  • Dialect?
  • Specialty familiarity? (i.e. medical, scientific, etc.)

✓ Location, Location, Location!
– Will the room fit the number of atiendees?
– Conference room? U.S. Embassy or Consulate?
– Facilities necessary- food, printing, video, shredding

There are a few other items that are often overlooked but will make your deposition run smoothly. First, provide the court reporter all materials necessary to prepare for your international deposition. Complaint/Answer, Court Orders and/or technical documents and distribution lists. Also, if a Protective Order or Confidentiality Orders are in place, alert Magna beforehand.
Finally, double (or even triple) check if you have any other special service needs, such as real-time connections, rough dratis, etc.

Final Steps:
With your checklist complete, feel confident in your court-reporting agency. Magna has been handling international depositions across the globe for over 10 years! While this checklist is an easy-to-follow guide, other considerations may arise. In those instances where you may need additional assistance, do
not hesitate to contact Magna’s Scheduling Team who are always ready, willing and able to assist!