Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales

Did you know you were an expert? That’s right… you are special, intelligent, with big degrees up to your nose and everyone thinks you’re just super talented in your area of expertise… so that must make you an expert. Right? Wrong! The reality check is, not many of us can be experts in the legal world. Nope, there are only a few that can lay claim to that title.

The truth is you are unique, even talented, but that’s not enough. Not by a long shot. How do I know? Well I’m no expert, but I was watching and listening to some of the best in the biz at Magna’s first ever “Battle of the Experts” in Miami this past May (I was living out my dream as MC!).

While watching the experts on stage trading shots with some of the best trial attorneys I know, it became clear that the ingredient missing from most of us is the ability to clearly and effectively communicate your expert knowledge under severe fire, not just to the judge but to us… the American jurors. That, my friend, is an expert that can make a real impact in your case.

Now for the Magna sales tie-in… Wait for it… Okay, here it is… Witness Communication Training or Coaching. You have to do it and Magna Legal Services is an expert at making your experts more effective at depositions and trial. Trust me, the last thing you want your expert to do is leave behind a juicy sound bite to be kicked around by the jurors during deliberations. That’s a nightmare scenario and it happens often. What to do? Call me and I’ll get you scheduled for a free case consultation with someone much smarter than me.

Here’s what’s new and coming up at Magna LS:

  • Welcome, Thais Cedeno, to the Magna South Florida Business Development Team!
  • Have a dep in Broward County? Check out our new conference center across the street from the Courthouse!
  • Get ready to celebrate the Grand Opening of our NEW Philly HQ Office and Mega Conference & Research Center this September!
  • JuryConfirm 3.0 is on its way. Details to be announced soon!
  • Save the date (11/7 & 11/8) for Magna’s annual Chopped for CHOP fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in beautiful Atlantic City, NJ.

Enjoy your summer, take a break from the noise and think about Magna LS or me. And then call me at 866-624-6221. That’s 866-624-6221. See you sooner than later. Thank you!