Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming,” so says David Bowie. Ain’t that the truth! So twelve years ago we heard it, thought about it (a lot) and then boom …. we were making “Jerry McGuire” calls from a client conference room. Magna took the stage.

Along the way we changed the jury research industry with our groundbreaking online research tools, JuryConfirm and Jury Evaluator. Think Fortnite for mock trials. We did it by listening. Correction, my partners were, for sure. I’m grateful they have bigger ears than I do. Seriously, mine are normal. Theirs are REALLY BIG.

In the court reporting world our customers were loud and clear, so that was easy. They asked for cutting-edge technology, a personal touch and a perfect transcript. Our team hustles every day to deliver.

A bunch of tomorrows later we received the collective client word to help them bundle services. We answered that call, too, with a national platform for world-class record collection services. One stop for all your discovery needs became a reality! I really love that business.

All this in twelve super-fast years and we did our best to keep the cotton out of our ears to hear the next tomorrow.  And now, tomorrow is here again with our new financial partners at CIVC. I’d like to call this serendipity, but the reality is the litigation support marketplace was talking and yes… we were listening! Our combined strength will enable us to respond to your voices quicker, implement new visionary change on a larger scale, and ultimately ensure that we keep listening for the next tomorrow!

Thank you for an amazing 2018. Looking forward to talking to anyone that will listen to us in 2019. Call me at 866-624-6221!

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