Editor’s Note

Peter Hecht, Executive Vice President Sales & Business Development Magna Legal Services

Chicago, known as Chicagoland, The Windy City, City by the Lake, Paris on the Prairie, and Chi-Town, is now officially home to Magna LS! Chicago is by far one of my favorite cities. Partly because the Twinkie was invented there, and also because the people are awesome. I’m what you might call a professional people-person, so I can say with some authority that Chicagoans are super cool. There is also some unique Magna history with the city too. Here’s some Magna trivia…. Part of the inspiration for the development of our kick ass, one-of-a-kind, patented online mock trial program, called JuryConfirm 2.0, came from working with a Chicago company called CNA Insurance. So we already had roots nine years before we really started planting trees.
To firm up our foundation we merged with Chicago-based Creative Counsel, the go-to graphics design and trial consulting firm for the Midwest. And now we have the honor of becoming part of a 40 year local court reporting tradition with the merger between Lake Shore Court Reporting and Magna LS. Lake Shore is by far one of the best court reporting firms in the local area with a serious commitment to client satisfaction. Their dedication aligns perfectly with the Magna philosophy of focusing on client needs. To that end, their staff and court reporters will all be part of the new venture.

Last but not least, I’d like to address the court room sketch on the cover page of this issue of Magna-FYI. You might be wondering, “Who is that guy behind the glasses with no hair…?” Well, let me tell you, he’s my partner and he heads up our litigation consulting team. If someone would have asked me when we first formed Magna, if I had ever expected to see Mark Calzaretta front and center in such a high profile case like the “Knoedler Art Forgery Trial”, my response would have been “Most definitely yes!” That’s right, I’m saying yes. I knew when Mark and I first paired up in the business that he was special. I could see that the clients got that vibe too and I can see his talent evolve after each new case. So, no, I’m never surprised when Mark takes his skills to a new level.

Peter Hecht
Executive Vice President
Sales & Business Development
Magna Legal Services