MagnaFYI September 2019


Editor’s Note

By now you may have heard one rumor or another about the investment in Magna Legal Services by private equity firm CIVC, like… “They sold the company,” or “Bob Ackerman retired to Greenland.” Even better, “Mark is fishing in Greenland...
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Jury Says

Test your Jury knowledge!
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Juror Experiences Shape How They Evaluate Your Expert Witnesses

Nepotism, conspiracy, and treadmill disasters were just a few of the case scenarios Magna’s “Shadow Jury” provided feedback on for this year’s “Battle of the Experts”. The theme this year, “Successful strategies for defeating expert witness testimony” offered captivating insights...
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Interview with the Experts

Our experts from Round 2: Battle of the Experts let us pick their brain about their experience as experts, their recommendations for trial, and their takeaway from our conference. Here’s what they said! Q: How did you become an expert?...
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Magna One on One with Sandra Gravanti

It’s the middle of summer and 100% humidity in Atlanta. That is a problem when running is your hobby that brings you stress relief and peace of mind. So, Tosca general counsel Sandra Gravanti works around the heat (as much...
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