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February 2013
MAGNA-FYI - Conference Edition
Streamlining Relationships with Outside Counsel
January 23 and 24, 2013
Revel Hotel - Atlantic City, NJ
Download the full PDF
Download the full PDF
Streaminglining Relationships with Outside Counsel
Jury Confirm 2.0
Jury Confirm 2.0
Jury Confirm 2.0
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Bonnie Schmonsees
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February 2013
Streamling Relationships with Outside Counsel: Conference Photos
Post Conference Survey Results
Post Conference Survey Results
Hands with a Home
1. Magna legal Services offers: Not surprisingly the vast majority of attendees recognized the end-to-end services Magna offers!

2. What category best describes your employment: As always, at a Magna conference, there is a representative sample of both in-house and outside counsel which allows for the nice interaction and exchange of best practices, ideas and war stories.

3. How long have you been employed in your current job: Not only is there a nice representation of in-house and outside counsel, but attendees by and large have significant experience in the legal industry. Over 59% of attendees have over 10 years of experience in the industry!

Part 2: In applying behavioral sciences, we are able to study human behavior and apply this research to real-life problems/issues. Much like a focus group (which we loosely replicate at the conference) we capture data including individual and group reactions to different stimuli and thereafter strategize ways to provide information that resonates with individuals and/or change the way people think. The following questions are analyzed based upon the totality of responses from a defined group. The analysis key is contained in appendix 1 where you can analyze your own individual responses


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