July 2018


Editor’s Note

Did you know you were an expert? That’s right… you are special, intelligent, with big degrees up to your nose and everyone thinks you’re just super talented in your area of expertise… so that must make you an expert. Right?...
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Insuring The Headlines With Stefanie Milch

We’ve all seen the stories of mass shootings and other major crises that dominate the headlines. Stefanie Milch has insured those events, and in ways you might not expect. Milch is now the Vice President of Claims at Hallmark Financial...
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Jury Says

Test your Jury knowledge!
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Thoughts And Observations From Magna’s Battle Of The Experts Shadow Jury

It’s not often that attorneys get the opportunity to “pull back the curtain” and see how jurors analyze what they do at trial. Magna’s recent conference, “Battle of the Experts,” provided participants and attendees just that opportunity. Pitting seasoned litigators...
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