February 2018


Editor’s Note

I’m a traveler, not a globe trotter. More of an East Coast/West Coast thing with lots of stops at many of the fly-over states. I do both business and pleasure. Unfortunately, most of it is for the former. Don’t get...
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Jury Says

Test your Jury knowledge!
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Guide to International Depositions

International depositions for many lawyers (and paralegals)are not an everyday occurrence, and the issues that may arise can either be logistical and/or procedural in nature. Everybody loves a good checklist, right? Whether you do or you don’t appreciate the simplicity...
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Cupcakes & Litigation Graphics

If the pen is mightier than the sword, is the litigation graphic mightier than the pen? “No, graphics and courtroom arguments should work hand in hand,” says Magna graphics consultant and – believe it or not – Food Network “Cupcake...
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