Webinar: Juror Perceptions of Women Litigators

Please join us for another free Magna LS webinar on Wednesday, May 12th at 4PM (ET):
“Juror Perceptions of Women Litigators”

Jurors not only instinctively pick up on the way in which other attorneys, judges, etc. treat female litigators, but also often hold gender biases of their own, before ever setting foot in the courtroom. This CLE examines the history of women in the courtroom with an emphasis on how past perceptions can influence jurors’ judgement of female attorneys in today’s world. Drawing upon data collected from various psychological research initiatives across the country, this course focuses on the legal implications of the inherent implicit and explicit gender biases held by jurors. Strategies for combatting gender bias in the courtroom are also discussed.

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Panelists include:
– Elizabeth McBride, Applied Materials, VP, Global Litigation, Compliance and Privacy
– Effie Silva, Cargill, Vice President and Associate General Counsel
– Heather Stern, Whole Foods, General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs
– Rachel York Colangelo, Magna Legal Services, National Managing Director of Jury Consulting
– Honorable Sue L. Robinson (ret.), Farnan LLP

Moderated by:
– Monica Latin, Carrington Coleman, Managing Partner

Brought to you by:
– Peter Hecht, Magna Legal Services, Partner & Executive Vice President of Sales
– Lee Diamondstein, Esq., Magna Legal Services, Vice President of Strategic Accounts

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May 12, 2021

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