Magna’s COVID-19 Survey Results

Please join us for a free, informative webinar, where panelists will discuss the results of a 3700-person survey.

Magna’s research team surveyed people in various venues around the country regarding their experiences with and attitudes related to COVID-19.

We will share thoughts on jury duty, opinions on businesses, industries, and agencies post-pandemic, and how that might impact their perceptions of/verdicts in civil lawsuits, including damages and susceptibility to the Reptile Strategy.

We will discuss what implications can be drawn from the data about changes in juror attitudes and predispositions since the pandemic that may affect your approach to litigation.

Moderated By:
– Joe Hassinger, Esq., Galloway, Partner

Panelists Include:
– Rachel York Colangelo, Ph.D., Magna Legal Services, National Managing Director Jury Consulting

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November 11, 2020

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