Record Retrieval Guidelines

Requesting a Record: To place a records order, you can:

When ordering by email, please make sure to provide:

  • Inform us that the record request is for a “Argo Group” matter
  • Claim number, adjuster name, insured name, and claimant name
  • Patient/claimant name, DOB and/or SSN
  • Type of records needed (ex: medical, billing, radiology films, insurance claims, police reports, etc.)
  • Dates of services needed (Ex: Any and all or specific DOS i.e. 01/01/2019 – present)
  • Name of locations and addresses to be served
  • Are records to be obtained by subpoena or patient’s authorization? Please provide any supporting documents we may need (i.e. Signed authorization, POA, death certificate, etc.)
  • Full case caption to include all counsel and who they represent
Click to Place Record Order by Email

[email protected]

After submitting your request, you will recieve your conrmation within 24 hours.

Record Order Status: Magna's TrakView Records Portal shows real-time order tracking, with an interactive timeline of notes providing status updates daily.
For questions about existing orders, please contact our records department at [email protected] or 866.624.6221

Contact Information

To schedule, change or cancel a deposition: [email protected], 866.624.6221
Argo Group US Account Manager: Meredith Cherry: [email protected], 213.220.7457
National Account Manager: Noelle Nociti: [email protected], 215.490.6145
Customer Service: [email protected], 866.624.6221
To place a record order by email: [email protected]
To inquire about existing record orders, please contact: [email protected], 866.624.6221
Partner & EVP of Sales: Peter Hecht: [email protected], 732.331.2410

Record Retrieval

Record Review Made Simple

With services like Nurse Review & HyperNav Records Navigator, we'll transform your medical records into insightful, easy-to-navigate information.

Specify any service you would like to add and we'll reach out to you with a quote:

Litigation Support & Medical Insight with

Receive your medical records with a summary, chronologically organized & prepared by a medical professional. A Nurse Review will:

  • Walk you through the facts as they occurred
  • Highlight key information
  • Give you an informed interpretation of the medical story at hand
Record Review & Organization with

HyperNav™ makes record review quick & seamless:

  • Summary & Index tables provide all key information in one place
  • Receive a single chronologically organized PDF with highlighted key terms, hyperlinks & bookmarks throughout
  • Add new records anytime

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