Scheduling a Deposition Guidelines

Scheduling: To schedule an in-person or remote deposition with a Magna court reporter, you can:

When emailing your request, please make sure to include the following:

  • Identify that you are scheduling for a “Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty” matter
  • Provide the claim number and adjuster name
  • Deposition details: Date, time & location (please specify if this is a remote deposition)
  • Attach a copy of the notice (if available)
  • Name of law firm, deposing attorney, witness name and case caption
  • Transcript delivery time frame (standard vs. expedite)
  • Email addresses for all parties (for remote depositions only), so we can send them their links to join. Or, let us know if you’d like to distribute the link yourself
  • Special service requests (i.e., dedicated deposition manager to manage exhibits, interpreter, realtime, etc.)
  • For language services requests, please email [email protected]
Click to Schedule by Email

[email protected]

You can schedule with us 24/7, and you will receive your confirmation within 24 hours.

Exhibits: After receiving your confirmation, e-mail your exhibits to [email protected] with your case name in the subject line.

Platform Training: You can schedule a test-run/platform training at your convenience by contacting Noelle Nociti at [email protected].

Virtual Depositions: For remote sessions, the links to join will be sent out about 48 hours before the event unless you request to get your link sooner.

Transcript Status: After the deposition, to request or get the status of the transcript, you can fill out the form here or contact us at [email protected] or 866.624.6221.

Billing: Magna will send all invoices for services directly to AGCS for payment. Please identify if this is a cost share matter. If so, please provide the percentage of the cost share for each party, and we need confirmation from all parties that the invoice is to be split.

Record Retrieval Guidelines

Requesting a Record: To place a records order, you can:

When ordering by email, please make sure to provide:

  • Inform us that the record request is for a “Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty” matter
  • Claim number and adjuster name
  • Patient/claimant name, DOB and/or SSN
  • Type of records needed (ex: medical, billing, radiology films, insurance claims, police reports, etc.)
  • Dates of services needed (Ex: Any and all or specific DOS i.e. 01/01/2019 – present)
  • Name of locations and addresses to be served
  • Are records to be obtained by subpoena or patient’s authorization? Please provide any supporting documents we may need (i.e. Signed authorization, POA, death certificate, etc.)
  • Full case caption to include all counsel and who they represent
Click to Place Record Order by Email

[email protected]

After submitting your request, you will recieve your conrmation within 24 hours.

Record Order Status: Magna's TrakView Records Portal shows real-time order tracking, with an interactive timeline of notes providing status updates daily.
For questions about existing orders, please contact our records department at [email protected] or 866.624.6221

Contact Information

To schedule, change or cancel a deposition: [email protected], 866.624.6221
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Account Manager: Matthew Richter: [email protected], 908.763.5075
National Account Manager: Noelle Nociti: [email protected], 215.490.6145
Customer Service: [email protected], 866.624.6221
To place a record order by email: [email protected]
To inquire about existing record orders, please contact: [email protected], 866.624.6221
Partner & EVP of Sales: Peter Hecht: [email protected], 732.331.2410

Schedule a Deposition

Record Retrieval

Record Review Made Simple

With services like Nurse Review & HyperNav Records Navigator, we'll transform your medical records into insightful, easy-to-navigate information.

Specify any service you would like to add and we'll reach out to you with a quote:

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Receive your medical records with a summary, chronologically organized & prepared by a medical professional. A Nurse Review will:

  • Walk you through the facts as they occurred
  • Highlight key information
  • Give you an informed interpretation of the medical story at hand
Record Review & Organization with

HyperNav™ makes record review quick & seamless:

  • Summary & Index tables provide all key information in one place
  • Receive a single chronologically organized PDF with highlighted key terms, hyperlinks & bookmarks throughout
  • Add new records anytime

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